Last updated February 2021

How much is too much?


The government advises that people should not regularly drink more than their weekly unit guidelines and this shouldn't be interpreted as guidance allowing you to "save up" your units, it's best to spread evenly across the week.


Men: 14 units of alcohol

Women: 14 units of alcohol

What is a unit?


The size and strength of your drink will determine the number of units it contains. It's not quite as simple as one drink, one unit - a glass of wine can range between just over one unit and more than three units depending on the size of the glass and type of wine.


Remember, when you're drinking at home, you tend to pour measures that are larger than you get in your local.


Alcohol and the Law


The law on alcohol covers such areas as underage drinking, drink driving and drinking in public places. The full facts can be found on the Drinkaware website which can be accessed from the button below


Our Commitment


Upon entering our website you are requested to confirm that you are over the age of 18 years old, by agreeing to this you are confirming that you meet the legal age requirement to purchase alcohol.


When at the checkout prior to your order being processed you are required to tick a tick box to confirm that you over the age of 18 years old agreeing you meet the legal age requirement to purchase alcohol and agree to the terms laid out.


We do not sell alcohol to anyone that we believe to be intoxicated.


We operate a Challenge 25 policy on delivered sales, always asking for a recognised form of ID when we have reason to believe that the customer or person receiving goods may be under the age of 25.


We do not sell alcohol to customers whom we suspect of passing alcohol to under 18s.


We do not offer any incentives to our customers to drink irresponsibly.


There is easy access to information about alcohol by volume (ABV) and alcohol units, the ABV of every alcoholic product we sell can be found on our website product pages and on the product label.


Effects of Alcohol

On the Drinkaware website you will find useful approved facts and information about the effects of alcohol on your life and lifestyle designed to help you make positive decisions about your drinking.  Click on the button at the bottom of the page to take you directly to the site.


Training and Qualifications


Nanny Sam (Samantha Rosam) has completed the relevant qualifications to obtain her Personal Licence enabling her to apply for Premises Licence as the site DPS

Nanny Sam (Samantha Rosam) has also completed her Level 3 award in Drug and Alcohol Awareness.

Being a licence holder Nanny Sam has committed to promoting the Prevention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety, Prevention of Public Nuisance and Protection of Children from Harm in relation to Alcohol.

Nanny Sam (Samantha Rosam) has been issued with her premises licence number 10343 by Gosport Borough Council on 22nd February 2021


If you have any questions regarding alcohol and its sale then please visit the Drinkaware website by using the direct link below or contact Nanny Sam by email nannysam@nannysamsgifts.co.uk